Public Commissions
Public commissions
Minchinhampton School. Playground mural detail - Part-funded by a grant from the SVA, Galina researched the social interactions in Minchinhampton school playground, both at playtime and at drop-off and pick-up times. Using scrap material and paint from the Bristol branch of Scrapstore, which also supplies the school with playtime scrap equipment, she created a vibrant outdoor mural encapsulating the hectic environment, with its intermittent activity throughout the day. She also involved the children in workshops producing beautiful, interactive playground sculptures. Thrupp School outdoor mosaic, 2012. Funded by the Jubilee lottery fund, Galina used Thrupp School pupils’ own designs to create a large outdoor tile mosaic to brighten up the new reception building in the Jubilee year. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger 'view' size.
school playground mural.jpg

Minchinhampton school playground project, 2012

playground mural detail-1.jpg

playground mural detail

Playground sculptures 1-1.jpg

playground sculptures

Playground sculptures 2-1.jpg

playground sculptures

Thrupp school mosaic-1.jpg

Thrupp School outdoor mosaic, 2012.